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Why robotics in Education?
Robotics is a great way to get kids excited about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) topics. Studies show that it is highly effective in developing team-work and self-confidence. The robotics program can be incorporated into every subject area and the students love it. Robotics is not just about building robot. It brings together knowledge in different fields by combining mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills.

Robotics involves a variety of math, information technology, and engineering concepts. Introducing computing and robotics into the math and science curriculum helps make abstract ideas concrete and allows students to apply mathematical concepts to real world problems. Educational robotics is an effective learning tool is that educational robotics helps create a fun and engaging learning environment that keeps students interested and engaged in learning. Educational robotics is fun because it provides hands-on learning experience. Also, it is a great tool for project-based learning. With project-based learning, students work in groups to “explore real-world problems and challenges. With this type of active and engaged learning, students are inspired to obtain a deeper knowledge of the subjects they’re studying”

Educational robotics creates a great environment for students to encounter and developed solutions for real-world problems and to demonstrate their learning through the robots they developed.

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Robotics is a CONCRETE and TANGIBLE way to build and strengthen

  • Technological Literacy
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Communications Skills
  • Collaborative Skills
  • Project Management Skills
  • Accountability
  • Goal Orientation

These 21st century skills will help students excel as a part of the future workforce and in their everyday lives.